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Acid-free paper is paper that if infused in water yields a neutral or basic pH (7 or slightly greater). It can be made from any cellulose fiber as long as the active acid pulp is eliminated during processing. It is also lignin- and sulfur-free. Acid-free paper addresses the problem of preserving documents and preserving artwork for long periods. Buffered vs. Unbuffered Archival Materials Most paper, photographs, textiles, and other artifacts in storage can benefit from buffered interleaving tissue, storage boxes, folders, and other paper enclosures. For most photographic materials, including black and white prints, color prints, and albumen prints, either buffered or unbuffered enclosures are satisfactory. However, for dye transfer prints and cyanotypes, unbuffered enclosures QUALITY Acid Free Archival Tissue Paper - QUALITY Acid Free Archival Tissue Paper Preservation for your heirloom textiles and other artifacts. Introduction. I have been selling QUALITY acid free archival tissue to my textile & vintage clothing clients for many years but if you have another need, such as storing your fine silver, vintage paper goods, dolls, collectables other heirlooms (including a beloved stuffed animal) please read Archival Tissue | BUFFERED & UN-BUFFERED | Archival Methods A high-quality archival tissue paper for interleaving and wrapping. It is acid-and lignin-free, and thin for easy folding, padding or crumpling without hard edges. It is buffered with calcium carbonate for added protection against acid migration. The Buffered Tissue is available in packages of 480 sheets or 1,000 ft. long rolls in various widths.

The 20"x3600' bulk unbuffered tissue paper roll is great to have on hand when packing up lots of items for long time storage.

Our unbuffered 12# archival tissue paper is made using 100% clean, virgin, chain of custody bleached softwood and hardwood fiber in order to eliminate contaminants found in other raw material sources. It does not contain any dyes, pigments, brighteners, or other

This is especially true for the vast majority of paper and cellulose based items. Because of its ability to neutralise acids and extend the life of paper, photographs, textiles, and artefacts, buffering is more often than not a benefit in interleaving tissue, storage boxes, folders, envelopes and other paper enclosures. What is the Difference Between Acid-Free and Archival Acid-free papers are made using alkaline paper making technology. This means the pH of the pulp that is used to form the paper is above 7 (neutral). The paper is also buffered with an alkaline reserve, such as calcium carbonate, to neutralize acid compounds absorbed from the atmosphere or formed through natural aging. Although there are no

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Tissue Paper Storage 50 Sheets Acid Free Heirloom Non-Buffered Tissue Paper Storage 50 Sheets Acid Free Heirloom Non-Buffered $ 27.00 Acid Free Preservation Grade Tissue Paper is ideal for preservation storage such as wedding gowns, bridal veils, christening gowns, fine linens, quilts, doll collections, Christmas ornaments, antiques and more. Acid Free Tissue Paper - Heirloom Sewing For Children Acid Free Tissue Paper Non Buffered - Lignin Free. Wrap all your treasured heirloom garments, fabrics and laces with our archival quality acid free, lignin free tissue paper. These are excellent quality. All of our tissues are non-buffered. NEW!!! Bigger and better! It's a generous 30 inches by 40 inches. Buffered vs Unbuffered Archival Tissue Paper and a few Jun 01, 2018 Lineco Unbuffered Acid Free Tissue Paper 30x40 (12 sheets)