The Port Scan tool scans an IP address for open or closed TCP ports. It will scan the 13 most used ports like FTP, SSH and WWW. For security reasons it can only execute a port scan on your own public IP address (IPv4 and IPv6). Just hit the Go button to start scanning.

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Open Port Check Tool -- Verify Port Forwarding on Your Router

How to Scan Open Ports in Windows Security Risk due to Open Ports: Most of the suspicious software’s behaves like service waiting for connections from a remote assailant so as to give him data or authority over the machine. The most common security practice is to close unused ports in private machines, in order to block known access to any

Jan 24, 2018

Likewise make sure you scan the TCP ports, UDP ports, IP services, and IPv6 if you have that configured. The following commands will help: TCP scans. nmap -n -Pn --allports -p 0-65535 . UDP scans (Note: You may need to run UDP scans slowly to ensure packets are not lost) nmap -n -Pn --allports -sU -p0-65535 . IP Services Scan. nmap -n -Pn -sO